Our customers work in different areas. Amount of information which needs to be protected and use of technology is always increasing. The more assets there are to protect, the more vulnerabilities and threats need to be evaluated and controls used.

ISMS implementation


Implementation of ISMS according to ISO 27001 requirements has allowed us to make information security part of our everyday processes as well as to understand better the importance of information as an asset. As a result both the information we create within our organization as well the information entrusted to us by customers is controlled and protected much better.


The services provided by Analytica allowed us to quickly asses the required improvements and prepare for successful certification audit. The security was implemented in existing processes (part of another QMS based on ISO 9001) and consequently maintenance of the processes and ISMS became understandable in all levels of organization.

SOC services
Our Security Operations Center can provide security infrastructure and security state monitoring for our custotomers' infrastructure and applications as well as Incident support services (including Digital Forensics and required collaboration with outside parties).
Our designed set of processes and tools are ideally suited for organizations willing to outsource the security monitoring and incident handling rather than maintain this costly competence within the organization.

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