We specialize in information security related consulting services. Our main areas of focus are:

  • implementation of Information Security Management System (ISMS)

  • outsourcing of information security management services

  • Business Continuity Mangement System consulting services



Analytica provides security related testing services including:

  • penetration testing

  • load and stress testing

  • social engineering


Our team of consultants has broad experience in Batlics in and Scandinavia and can help both on-site as well as remotely. We proud ourselves in not just discovering the vulnerabilities, but also guiding our customers through the "fixing" process with necessary support.



You can do this yourself. Your company probably has a team of people who are experts in security or firewalls or monitoring systems or other magic stuff making your network protected and operations running. You probably haven't had a single security incident (more probably you just are not aware of it). But anyway - the way we see this: your experienced team has better things to do than spend their nights just following the tendencies of network flow in the infrastructure... We can do it faster, with specialization in providing information security (which also includes Availability as you remember) and we can do it both if you are protecting your information on your own or relying on any of cloud

services. We will monitor, observe and protect if necessary.



Our trainers have been teaching different management and technology courses throughout the world. Analytica as a training provider is offering following courses (Foundation, Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer levels):

  • ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System)

  • ISO 22301

  • ISO 20000

  • Hands on hacking course


Analytica provides most of our trainings in cooperation with PECB

Most of our training courses are ISO 17024 accredited 

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